Do I need to pay a deposit for my tattoo?


It depends on who is doing your tattoo and how much they expect it to cost.

Basically the artist will request a deposit if they see fit.

How much per hour?

This varies for each artist and the type of work they are doing for you. 

Sometimes it will be a set price, sometimes it will depend on how long your piece takes.

Please clarify with your artist if you are unsure.

I'm almost 18, can you tattoo me anyway?


But my parents gave me permission!

Still NO!

How should I look after my new tattoo?

Everyone has their own little tips and tricks. It's best to consult your artist and they will let you know what to do in the short and long term after getting your new tattoo.

Any further questions?

Please feel free to give us a call or hit us up on our contact form.